Top Five Reasons To Boycott The Winter Olympics in Russia

Cold War is Back
Cold War is Back

U.S. Senator Lindsay recently said that Team USA should skip the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia if Vladimir Putin gives asylum to Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. I can think of a million better reasons to bring back Cold War tactics of boycotting sports events, but in the interests of keeping this post blog-length, here are just the top five::

1) The winter games will probably be rigged for the home country to win the most medals: Case in point: Russia Stacked Team With Stars for World University Games (Russia has won 292 medals so far, the US has 40)

Giant Players

2) Gay athletes are not welcome: Russia just passed a law basically banning homosexuality.

No gay figure skating allowed in Russia
It breaks Johnny Weir’s heart









3) Russia has not been a good buddy, siding against the US in a lot of actual political issues. For example: When the US wanted to impose more sanctions on  North Korea  in order to discourage Crazy-Pants Kim Jong-un’s ramped-up nukes testing, Putin sided with Crazy-Pants.


4) Putin may have stolen a Superbowl ring owned by New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. Dick move.

Nice ring. Now my ring!

5) Putin in general:


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