App Review: Guide (Let a robot read online news and blogs for you!)

Robot Avatar Reading the news
Robot Avatar Reading the news

Most news junkies like me follow the same routine: Wake up, pick up a smartphone or tablet and start reading the news/social media feeds/blogs. Sure, we could turn on the TV or Radio, but we all know that TV and Radio don’t really package the stories we all want to see. Wouldn’t be great if there was a way to get the content you like in a way that allows you to still go about your morning routines? Welcome to Guide, your personalized newscast!

Guide is an app that turns your written online news, blogs and social streams into video. Using avatar technology and text-to-speech technologies, Guide reads and displays content you choose, so you don’t have to read it!

I have been using Guide for a few days now and my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to set up my own “channels” and streams of news, which are automatically updated. The app can also run in the background, while you use other apps. It will finish reading the news item, allowing you to work on other things.

Future updates of the app promise more autonomy on setting up avatars and adding more content choices. I am definitely looking forward to setting up Twitter lists and specific blogs RSS feeds to “watch”. 

Check out for more info and download the app!




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