Bodybuilder in Underpants Partied in German Chancellor’s Jet

Not Vulkan...
Not Vulkan…

With all that is wrong in the world, it is always good to know that there are still people who know how to party. Take our friend Volkan: Volkan is a 24-year old body builder who lives in Cologne, Germany. Upset over a fight with his girlfriend, Volkan decided he needed to do something to express his woes.  So he headed to the airport, lied to security and made his way to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government jet. Good old Volkan got high, drunk and partied in his underwear inside the plane! Oh, this actually gets better…

According to a police report, Volkan was high on marijuana and ecstasy pills (he had a bag full of drugs with him). He danced on the wing of the plane, sprayed fire extinguisher foam around and pushed buttons in the cockpit of the jet. He even released the inflatable emergency slide, but didn’t slide down, unfortunately.

He caused almost USD$150,000 worth of damages in the four hours that he spent partying in the plane. Luckily, Volkan could not turn on the plane. Otherwise, I am sure he would have tried to join the mile high club all by himself!

For more information, check out Spiegel’s amazing take on the story: 

I wonder if Volkan said this when he was caught: “Ich hebe Dinge auf und legte sie nieder.” Just like the guy on the video below…


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