RANT: New Apple iPhone? Thanks, not buying it

No to the new iPhone
No to the new iPhone

Seems like a lot of people are excited about the new iPhone that will be announced September 10. I am not. Matter fact, I am not planning to upgrade anytime soon.

Last year I finally made the move from Blackberry to iPhone. It was a tough move, since I had been a Blackberry fan and user for many years. But as we all know, Blackberry stopped innovating many years ago and Apple had shown that it was in the forefront of innovation.

Problem is, since I got my iPhone 4S, i have not seen much innovation from the latest changes to the iPhone. I am not going to compare it to the Galaxy or other smartphones out there, but just to the kind of smart phone I feel Apple could make: an groundbreaking phone that not only did everything we needed it to do, but also showed us it could do something we did not think we needed. From what we can expect from the iPhone 5S, I really do not think Apple is going to wow us anytime soon with innovation. But there is more, in my opinion.

First of all, I hate that the main change Apple did to the design of the iPhone 5 was a different power cord/plug. Prior to getting my iPhone, I already had a few iPods and an iPad. All used the same power cord as the iPhone, so I knew I always had one extra lying around. More importantly, I knew when I traveled I only had to bring one cord to charge the phone and the iPad. Not the case if I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 5 (or the upcoming 5S).

Second, the screen size change was not significant enough (or even needed, in my opinion). I know some people love watching movies and all on the phones, but let’s be realistic: the iPhone 5 screen is not that much bigger than the 4S (and actually smaller than the iPhone 4).

Sure, the resolution of the iPhone 5 is slightly better than the iPhone 4S. But on a small screen, does it really matter?

So then we get to the other details that make me want to skip this upgrade: camera and battery life. Everyone knows that the iPhone has a major issue with its battery life. One of the first things I did when I got my iPhone, was to buy a protective case with a built-in battery. This has been a major lifesaver and another reason why the power adaptor change bothers me so much: My $100 case+battery is useless on the iPhone 5 (and 5S). So since Apple has not improved its battery when the iPhone 5 came out, I truly have no much faith that they will have taken care of it for the iPhone 5S.

Oh, and the camera: The iPhone 5 camera was not a major upgrade on the iPhone 4S camera. There was no need to make major improvements because the camera in the iPhone 4S was already great. It had just the right amount of pixels and resolution, as well as excellent HD video recorder capabilities. Sure, Apple may go all Windows Phone Lumia on us and gives us a 50,000,000 MEGA PIXEL camera. But do we really need that?

No, what we actually need and could use is more hard drive space. I still have my loyal 160 gigabyte iPod Classic, which I use nowadays mostly as an external hard drive with backup to my music. I understand that Apple wants us all to use iCloud, but for those of us who take lots of pictures and video, some extra hard drive space in our iPhone would be better than more pixels in a camera.

But lets face it: At the end of the day, Apple is not going to innovate with the iPhone 5S. The screen may be brighter or a bit bigger, but it will only be a slight improvement over the iPhone 5, just like the iPhone 4S was an improvement over the iPhone 4. Sure, the software will improve, but I do not need to change my hardware to get the latest iOS. At least not anytime soon. So why upgrade? I tell you what, Apple, if the iPhone 6 comes out as a true innovation over all smartphones out there, I may just consider upgrading next year. Otherwise, I may have to look around and consider my options…just like I did when I switched from my loyal Blackberry when it fell so far behind the competition.




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