For Better Protection, Use Your Nipples to Lock Your iPhone 5S

Nipple Lock
Nipple Lock

A wise man once said: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Noticing the need for better ways to keep iPhones safe, Apple came up with the new fingerprint identity sensor, allowing you to lock and unlock your phone with your fingerprint. But as many people know, fingerprint authentication is not that secure. Hackers from the Chaos Computer Club in Germany proved that over the weekend.

So the genius at RocketNews24 in Japan figured out that if you want maximum security, they recommend using your toe or nipple. (See video after the jump)

As many people have pointed out, it is quite easy to “steal” someone’s fingerprints. We touch so many things throughout the day, any clever person just has to “copy” the fingerprint and use it to unlock your phone. After some research, the folks at RocketNews24 figured out that the iPhone sensor can also register toe and nipple prints. Brilliant!

But a word of warning: “The iPhone vibrates a little when registering which may be uncomfortable or arousing depending who you are.”

Source: RocketNews24


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