Joe Biden Says LaGuardia Airport Is Like a “Third World Country” #Travel

AA Terminal at LaGuardia
AA Terminal at LaGuardia

Most people love Joe Biden’s ability to speak from the hip. He is honest, straight to the point, and when he described LaGuardia Airport “like a Third World Country,” he was absolutely right. To be fair, he was comparing LaGuardia with the Hong Kong International Airport, but the same comparison could be made with at least 10 other international airports!

First, check out VP Biden’s statement on camera:

As Business Insider pointed out, American travelers just need to look at the list on the 2013 World Airport Awards, announced in April 2013 by leading airline reviewer Skytrax:

Top 10 Airports in the World
Top 10 Airports in the World

Business Insider has a great list on these airports and why they are so great. For more on that, visit this link:

But according Travel + Leisure, LaGuardia is actually the worst airport in the US (the best is Minneapolis):

Take it from someone who has seen his share of airports in countries outside of the US: LaGuardia does lack a lot of what you would considered “1st World Infrastructure.” Let’s not even discuss what the rest of the world is seen as given: Free baggage carts, free wifi, clean bathrooms, gourmet restaurants and proper public transportation to and from airport and major cities.


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